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Core Strength Program
This program is designed to increase core strength and flexibility, which will improve performance in virtually any sport. Maximum class size is 12.

In the first floor studio for 60 minutes, once a week for five weeks

Swimmers, tennis players, golfers, runners, triathletes, dancers, or anybody who spends too much time sitting in a chair!
Sneakers, comfortable workout apparel, water, and a sense of humor.
Training Method

Virtually all sports movement begins in the core. The Core Strength Program routines are designed to get your body moving from the inside out, activating the right muscles in the right sequence at the right time. Each fundamental movement is learned slowly and correctly. When the form is correct, it is reinforced and made automatic by repetition with increasing intensity and speed. Because the routines for each movement type are progressive, each person will work at their own level and at their own pace.

$100 for Mount Auburn Club members, $125 for others
Bill Steele of Breakwater Sports, USA Triathlon Certified Coach (USAT), MIT Triathlon Team Coach, American Swim Coach Association (ASCA), Triathlete and Open Water Racer (Alcatraz Age-Group Champion, 2007)

Schedule (5-week programs)
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Mount Auburn Club
Watertown, MA


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