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Umph Out Front Focus

Getting an early vertical forearm catch doesn't do much unless you can apply force as soon you've got the catch. Too little force after getting the catch gives up propulsion. But be careful, applying force too early gives up stroke length. So learn when to catch, and when to pull.

Technique Focus Points

  • Point forward with the fingers. And reach full extension out front before beginning the catch.
  • Weightless extended arm. This focus may help prevent pulling too early or pressing down with whole arm.
  • Point down with the fingers. Get the fingers under the elbow.
  • Pop the elbow. This takes the focus off the hands when getting the pull.
  • Put the Umph out front! When you get your catch - hoist yourself over that spot out front.,

What to Watch For

  • Sore shoulders. Probably means you are pulling too early
  • High stroke count. You are probably only catching with your hands

Umph Out Front Focus Workouts

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