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Threshold Training 1

Objective: Training just below your threshold pace forces a training adaptation that will improve the threshold.

Warm Up

4 X 200 (+20s) as follows:

  1. 150 FS easy + 50 BK easy
  2. w/Fins: Out: kick half way on R-side, half on L-side; Back: 6-1-6 Drill
  3. w/PB: Breathe 3/5/7/3...
  4. w/PB: No push off; Scull 1 to flags, FS to wall; STOP at wall, turn and Scull 1 to flags...


4 X 100 (+15s) #1 Easy...#4 Fast
Note your best 100 time with a consistent pace and good technique;
that is your pace for the 100s in the main set.


You will repeat a longer interval (400 in the faster lanes or 300 in the slower lanes) and a shorter interval (100 in all lanes), 4 times, with 20s rest after each interval. The longer interval is at a moderate pace, the best controlled pace you can maintain for that distance. The shorter interval is your fast 100 pace from the build set.

Faster Group Slower Group

Repeat 4 Times (2000 total)

  • 400 FS mod (+20s)
  • 100 FS fast (+20s)

Repeat 4 Times (1600 yards)

  • 300 FS mod (+20s)
  • 100 FS fast (+20s)

Cool Down

8 X 25 FS - In-water start practice. Scull in place at the flags, on signal swim hard 10 yards (mid pool) and cruise the rest of the length

200 FS easy

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