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Speed Work

Objective: To swim fast you have to practice fast (some of the time).

Important Notes: Speed work is maximum effort. Do not pay too much attention to your time, but rather focus on making small adjustments to your stroke that make you feel faster. Feel comfortable at full speed. (If swimming fast feels strange, you are not doing enough fast swimming!)

Total Distance = not a lot, but it's hard

Set 1 - Warm-up (total 600)
1 X 200 Freestyle
1 X 200 as alt Kick 25 on side, Freestyle 25
1 X 200 Freestyle

Set 2 Freestyle (total 2000)
Repeat set 10 X with 60 seconds rest after each set
    1 X 100 Freestyle max effort + 10s
    2 X 50 Freestyle max effort + 10s

Set 3 Freestyle Relays
Three teams. 50s or 25s

Set 4 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 - Training Cat: REC.

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