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Sensory Images Focus - Group Workout

Objective: Sensory images and the whole-body stroke. Swimming is so complicated that we can easily get too focused on a hand or a foot or some other bit player in the whole-body stroke. Sensory images can help to organize the whole thing without worrying too much about the parts.

Total Distance = 2400 yards

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 500 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: EN1
Relaxed warm-up focused on hips at surface.

Set 2 - Conditioning; 8 X 200 Freestyle Swim on 4:00 - Training Cat: EN1 to EN2:
Swim the first 50 yards very slow with the following sensory image,
then go hard (with that same sensory image) for the next 150.

Complete rest (30 seconds) between each set.

Imagine you are:

  • 1: Swimming downhill
  • 2: Roller blading, speed skating, or cross-country skiing
  • 3: Swimming in very shallow water over sharp coral
  • 4: Swimming thru a small pipe
  • 5: Sneaking thru the water quickly
  • 6: Chasing an attractive object (a person, a cheeseburger?)
  • 7: Being chased by an unattractive object
  • 8: Slipping through the water quietly

Set 3 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: REC
Relaxed with perfect posture

Totals by Stroke
2400 yards Freestyle (100%)

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