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Race Pace Focus

What is your triathlon swim-leg race pace? What does your stroke look like at that pace? If most of your training is in a pool, you probably swim longer sets or even your event-specific distance without taking into consideration the effects of sighting, crowding, passing and being passed, not having that black line to follow, and all of the other chaotic happenings of the swim leg. We cannot simulate all race conditions in the pool, but this week we will swim longer sets, and we will focus on the most common technique problems that we see under race conditions.

Technique Focus Points

  • Head position. Get that head back down after sighting. When sighting frequently, as we do under crowded or poor conditions, we tend to not get our head back down after sighting. This drops our hips and slows our pace.
  • Rotation. At longer distances we have to relax our kick. We can do that without dragging our legs and letting our core go flat in the water. Try to snap from side to side, no matter what your swimming pace.
  • Relaxation. Do not let the unexpected throw off your stroke (and your race).

Race Pace Focus Workouts

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