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Posture, Line and Balance Focus
Recovery Workout

Objective: Drill slowly with posture, line and balance focus, then swim 100 yards at relaxed pace trying to feel the focus from the shorter drill repeats.

Total Distance = 1400 yards (plus 5 min vertical kicking)

Before getting in: Practice swimming posture on the pool deck. On a mat, lie on your back, tilt pelvis to flatten lower spine, then extend neck and press chin back to flatten upper spine. Try the same posture standing. Then get into the pool:

Set 1 - Vertical Kicking; 5 x 45 seconds kicking followed by 15 seconds rest.
Focus on posture: Flatten lower and upper spine as described above.

Set 2 - Repeat Subsets A & B with a different focus each time (see below). All repeats are Training Cat EN1. In set A, drill focusing intensely on the specific posture, line or balance point focus in the "Repeat Focus" list, below. In set B, just swim 100 with flow, trying to feel that focus rather than thinking too hard about it.

Set A - 4 X 50 Freestyle Swim on 1:00
Set B - 1 x 100 Freestyle Swim on 2:00

Repeat Focus:

  1. Flatten lower spine by tilting pelvis towards ribcage (do not bend at waist)
  2. Flatten upper spine by extending neck and pressing chin towards spine (eyes down)
  3. At extension, feel straight line from tips of fingers to tips of toes.
  4. Rotate hips to face wall on each stroke (hold core, do not bend at waist)

Set 3 - Cool Down; Dist = 200 yards; Time = 04:00; 12:18 PM-12:22 PM
1 X 200 Freestyle Swim on 4:00
Training Cat: REC

Totals by Training Cat
200 yards REC (18%)
900 yards EN1 (82%)

Totals by Stroke
1100 yards Freestyle (100%)

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