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Open Water Skills

Objective: Practice sighting, starts and weaving through crowds.
Distances and times approximate.

Set 1 - Warm-up; 7:00-7:10; Dist ~ 500
10-minute freestyle warm-up - Training Cat: EN1

Set 2 - 8 X 50 hard simulating crowded starts; Dist about 400 - Training Cat: EN2
First 25 hard, second 25 is recovery - regroup and restart as soon as everyone completes the 50

Set 3 - Navigating Crowds - Alternating Swim 5 minutes, Drill 5 minutes until 7:45
Half the lane drills while the other half swims freestyle - swimmers should swim at EN2 pace
and make an effort to pass the drillers; drillers must use a pull-buoy and kickboard and perform
any one-arm drill, or kick only (no arms) using the kickboard
Change roles every four minutes, reverse direction every eight minutes
Freestyle Cat: EN2, Drill Cat: REC (slow)

Set 4 - Cool-down; Dist = 400
Swim smoothly and quietly for about 10 minutes - Training Cat: REC

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