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Open Water Surprises - Group Workout

Objective: Simulate two common open water surprises: lost goggles and lost vertical stability on exit.

Total Distance = 2200 meters

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400 meters
8:00 Minutes - Training Cat: EN1
Build to EN2 pace

Set 2 Vertical Kicking Drill; Dist = ? 8 minutes, call it 400 yards
Before each repeat, take goggles off and toss them to the spot where you will be vertical kicking. While vertical kicking, put your goggles back on.
8 x (45" vertical kicking 15" resting)
1 & 2: focus on minimal knee bend, count 3 kicks per second
3 & 4: rotate one quarter turn to right every other third kick
5 & 6: rotate one quarter turn to the left every other third kick
7 & 8: rotate in alternate direction every third kick

Set 3 Freestyle; Dist = 400 meters
4 X 100 Freestyle Swim on 2:00 - Training Cat: EN2 - EN3 - Descending
At the far wall, stop and remove your goggles, toss them to a spot under the flags, swim to your goggles, retrieve and put them back on while treading water, and then finish. This is a descending set: each 100 should be faster than the previous

Set 4 Freestyle; Dist = 600 meters
4 X 150 Freestyle Swim/Walk on 2:00 - Training Cat: EN3
Maximum effort 150 swim, climb out and walk back to the starting end. The walk is your recovery between repeats, but more importantly it is training your system to quickly regain vertical stability after a hard horizontal effort. DO NOT RUN on the pool deck. Ever. You only need to train your vertical stability, so walking is fine.

Set 5 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 meters
8:00 Minutes - Training Cat: REC.

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