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Navigating in Crowds

Objective: Practice weaving through a crowd in open water.
You will be doing a lot of this as you learn to swim faster!.

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400
100 Swim, 100 Kick, 100 Pull, 100 Swim - Training Cat: EN1

Set 2 - Sighting Drill; Dist = 400
4 x 100 Freestyle with 30 secs rest - Lots of sighting first 50, "normal" sighting second 50
("normal" is about every sixth stroke)
  1: Three-stroke sighting - do a Tarzan imitation (head up) for three strokes
  2: Sight on every breathing stroke (before breathing, for most of you)
  3: Close eyes tightly for 9 strokes, then open eyes and sight on the 10th stroke
  4: Normal sighting (every 6th stroke) for the entire 100

Set 3 - Navigating Crowds; Dist = 1200
6 x (100 Freestyle + 100 Drill) NO rest - Freestyle Cat: EN2, Drill Cat: REC
Swim the freestyle 100s hard, weaving through the drillers.
Grab a kickboard and swim the drill 100s at a recovery pace.
Choose any drill you can do with a kickboard (kicking or single arm drills, for example)

Set 4 - Cool-down; Dist = 400
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim - Training Cat: REC
Swim quietly with long strokes.

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