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Navigating Crowds - Group Workout

Objective: Working your way through a crowd means disrupting your stroke frequently to sight and make small course corrections. Today's focus will be on passing in open water.

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400 meters - Training Cat: EN1 to EN2
1 X 100 Freestyle Swim (easy)
1 X 100 Freestyle arms only using pull buoy (easy)
1 X 100 Freestyle kicking with fins (hard)
1 X 100 Freestyle Swim (hard)

Set 2 - Alternating 100s: Drilling and freestyle; Dist=1600 meters
With lane line removed, we will be circle swimming counterclockwise for about half of this set,
clockwise for the remainder (coach will stop everybody at some point for the change). Start with half of the swimmers drilling, and the other half swimming freestyle. Swimmers will practice passing drillers.

Drills (fins are optional - but no fins for the freestyle repeats):

  • Back balance (kick on your back, arms at sides)
  • Side balance (kick on your side, arms at sides - NOT one arm extended - that is next)
  • Extended side balance (kick on your side, lower arm extended)
  • Back-Front-Back balance (arms at sides, start on back, rotate onto belly, rotate onto back, repeat)
  • 4x90 Balance (arms at sides, rotate 90 degrees every 6 to 9 kicks)
  • 6-1-6 Drill (six kicks in extended side balance, one stroke, six kicks...)
  • 9-3-9 Drill (nine kicks in extended side balance, three strokes, nine kicks...)
  • 6-1-6 Broken Arrow Drill (like 6-1-6 but point straight up to ceiling during recovery)

Set 3 Cool-down; Dist = 400 meters
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: REC
Relaxed, focus on long axis balance.

Total - 2400 meters


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