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Long Levers Focus

Short levers are OK for some sprinters, but never OK for distance swimmers.

Dry Swimming Practice

Practice using a two-beat kick to drive your core rotation - on land. Just a few minutes a day for a week should do the trick. Do this exercise in stocking feet on a smooth floor in front of a mirror.

  • Stand relaxed with arms at sides, heels close together (not touching), and toes turned out slightly.
  • Now assume swimming posture: belly in, neck tall, chin back, eyes straight ahead.
  • Lean forward slightly onto the balls of your feet, creating a solid plank from head to toes. Your body is now shaped and connected like the hull of a sleek boat.
  • Looking straight ahead, rotate your torso (hips to shoulders) as unit to one side, and then to the other.
    • Do not let go of the head-to-toe tension.
    • Do not let your shoulders and hips rotate out of sync.
    • Do not bend your knees.
  • When the motion becomes comfortable, focus on snapping from side to side (not rolling), about once per second.

Technique Focus Points

  • Head-to-toes plank. Hold your hull (aslo known as your tight aquatic line) together.
  • Hip drive. Feel your hips driving the stroke. (Imagine you are cross country skiiing or roller blading.)
  • Snap the hips. Minimize the amount of time you spend on your belly.

What to Watch For

  • Relaxed belly. Your hull has become squishy, you are slowing down.
  • Arm drive. You are yanking your boat through the water with your spindly arms.
  • Rolling. You are twisting your body from one side to the other.

Long Levers Focus Workouts

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