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Great Body Position Focus

Good body position produces good swimming. Great body position produces great swimming. Good body position never produces great swimming. This is one of those cases where the old cliché applies: good is the enemy of great. So strive to really master all of the body position drills, and you will be on your way to swimming great! Master each body position drill by first learning to do it as slowly and smoothly as possible.

Technique Focus Points

  • Posture. Shape your body like a torpedo, not like limp piece of spaghetti.
  • Line. Hold your torpedo-like posture while swimming, and point it forward.
  • Balance. Float your boat at, and parallel to, the surface of the water.
  • Smooth Transitions. Move smoothly from one balance position to another.

What to Watch For

  • Eyes forward. This means your head is out of position.
  • Back arched. You are looking up or your posture is too relaxed.
  • Hips dropped or legs deep. See above. You are swimming uphill.

Great Body Position Focus Workouts

More Information

  • Video Clips - Go to the Drill Videos Directory and select any webpage (except the Humor page). Then look carefully at the body positions of the models, most of whom are expert swimmers. Note the above-water shots in particular. You will see hips breaking the surface, heads looking down, and long straight aquatic lines.

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