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Flip Turns Focus

Objective: When swimming at the pool, do proper flip turns at the walls.

On the Deck: Watch video clips, practice posture & streamline.
On the Mat: Learn the body position when coming off the wall.

Set 1 - Warm-up; 400 yards (or 8 minutes)
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: EN1
Relaxed swimming, focus on posture, build to EN1

Set 2 - Wall start to streamline practice: 5-10 minutes
  - Feet on wall, hold wall with one hand (other arm back)
  - Release hand, drop into the water, snap core and arms to streamline, push off on side
  - Hold streamline, check posture, breakout stroke(s)

Set 3 - Stroke Drill; Dist = 400 yards
16 X 25 Freestyle Swim on :30 - Training Cat: EN2
Streamline from the wall, swim to mid-pool, perform a somersault, and swim to far wall.

Set 4 - Practice dropping into streamline on back at the wall: 5-10 minutes
  - Feet on wall, hold wall with both hands
  - Release hands and scull to maintain balance, while
  - Dropping into a streamline position on your back.
  - Push off evenly, hold streamline, check posture, perform one breakout stroke

Set 5 - Conditioning; Dist = 400 yards
8 X 50 Freestyle Swim on 1:00 - Training Cat: EN1
Start at mid-pool and perform two flip turns

Set 6 - Cool Down; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: REC
Relaxed swimming - focus on walls and posture

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