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Drill and Swim Focus - Group Workout

Objective: Review drills introduced during the fall. Alternate drill sets with swimmin' sets, carrying the feeling from the drill to the swimming set.

Total Distance = 2800 yards (you will swim 700 more during the video session)

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: EN1
Swim with consistent stroke count, building to EN1.

As time permits, repeat Drill and Swim pair of sets using the drill focus below:

  1. Single Arm Drill with Point, Pop, Pull (unused arm out front). Alternate arms each 50. Point, pop, pull applies to stroking arm - point forward to full extension, pop the elbow towards the surface, and finally, pull - emphasize the three distinct parts of the stroke while the arm is in the water.
  2. Fist Drill: swim with fists closed to emphasize getting an early vertical forearm catch.
  3. 3L/3R Drill: 3 strokes with the left arm, 3 with the right arm with focus on the early vertical forearm catch\
  4. Wait! Wait! Drill: also known as catch-up. Wait until the recovering hand catches up.
  5. Hurry! Hurry! Drill: another catch-up drill but this time the emphasis is on CATCHING UP (faster recovery out of the water - try to recover more quickly without pulling harder)

    Drill Set - Stroke Drill (see above); Dist = 200 yards
    4 X 50 Freestyle Swim on 1:00 - Training Cat: EN1 (THAT MEANS SLOW)

    Swim Set - Conditioning; Dist = 200 yards
    2 X 100 Freestyle Swim on 2:00 - Training Cat: EN2 (THAT MEANS FAST)
    Swim at EN2 pace with focus or feeling from the last drill.

Last Set - Start at 8:52 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: REC
Relaxed, long strokes. Swim quietly.


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