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200s at CSS

Objective: Learn what it feels like to swim at your threshold pace. In a race, most people start too start to fast, and finish with a time that's below their threshold pace time. When you train to swim at exactly your threshold pace, two things happen:

  1. You learn what it feels like to swim at your threshold, so you can avoid the pitfall of starting too fast.
  2. By swimming longer (200-1K) intervals right at about threshold pace, your threshold pace will improve.

Warm-up; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 FS

Kick Set ; Dist = 400
8 X 50 as 25 kick hard in streamline position + 25 FS easy

Pre Set
1 X 200 Fast - record (or tell Coach) your time

Threshold Set (1200-2000)

If you have a Tempo Trainer Pro, set it to mode 1 and your threshold pace per length time. It will beep every time you hit a wall. Stay with the beep! You can use other metronome devices or some sport watches the same way: set them to beep or vibrate at your threshold pace per length time - rounded up to the nearest second if your device does not use fractions of a second. If you are not using a metronome, you will need to watch the wall clock, so you will probably want to use your threshold pace per lap time, so you are only looking at the pace clock at every other wall.

Rest is 20 seconds after each 200, regardless of your pace. Rest for threshold training is not related to your speed, and is almost always 10-20 seconds.

Slowest Lane: 6 X 200
Middle Lanes: 8 X 200
Fastest Lane: 10 X 200

If you can complete this set easily, it's time to lower your threshold pace. Either re-test, or just set your threshold pace time down by about 1 second per 100.

Set 3 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 yards
400 Choice

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