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Conditioning Pyramid

Objectives: Drilling and sprinting practice plus conditioning pyramid.

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400
1 X 400 FS

Set 2 - Drillers & Swimmers; Dist = 400 (acceleration and passing practice)
Divide into two groups: slower and faster
16 x 25 + 15s rest - On alternating repeats you are a driller or a swimmer
Drillers start first. When they clear the near flags, swimmers start and sprint past the drillers
Coach will call the drills, for example:

  • Slower swimmers: 1-Arm Freestyle (unused arm out front), switch arms each repeat
  • Faster swimmers: 4X90 (with arms at sides: kicking on back, L side, belly, R side, repeat...)

Set 3 - Pyramid; Dist=2000
All repeats are freestyle with 10 seconds rest
The 100s are fast. All others:
Newer swimmers swim at about endurance pace (EP), focusing on aspects of stroke suggested by coach
Smoother swimmers swim exactly at threshold pace (TP) - pull buoy repeats should be difficult, so focus on staying on pace, fin repeats should be easy (focus on some aspect of the arm stroke)

100 fast!
150 w/PB
300 w/Fins
300 w/PB
150 w/Fins
100 fast!

Set 4 - Cool-down; Dist = 400
1 X 400 Choice at recovery pace
Choice = include other strokes (if you can!)

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