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Track Workout - Yasso 800s

Objective: Repeating this workout once a week, train up your lactate threshold. Named after Bart Yasso, former Runner's World editor (coach and marathoner).

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

All repeats are at the same pace. When you can do 10 X 800 at a consistent pace, that 800 pace - converted from minutes to houurs - is a very reliable predictor of your marathon time. For example if you maintain a pace of 3:30 (three and a half minutes) for each of ten 800s, the odds are very good that your marathon time will be very close to three and half hours.

Run Repeats (meters) Rest (minutes)
10 X 800

equal to your run time

This is a once-a-week workout. If you are new to 800s, it may take you a few workouts to figure out what your sustainable 800 meter pace is. Also if you are new to 800s, you may not be able to do 10 of 'em. You can start with four and add one or two every week or so.

Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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