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Track Workout - Skipping Drills

Objective: Skipping drills focus on coordination, balance, relaxation, loading and unloading the springs.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

Perform each drill for about two minutes. If this is a stand-alone workout, following each of the five drills, run 400m at moderate pace focused on loading and unloading your springs. It may help to start each run with some skipping and then transition to running.

Low Skipping
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Focus on lower leg - loading and unloading

  • Short, low strides
  • Quiet impact - no slapping, no scuffing
  • Relaxed upper body - normal, compact arm swing
High Knee Skipping
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Focus on upper leg - loading and unloading

  • Pop the leg off the surface
  • Weightless knee - get the knee high without feeling that you are doing any heavy lifting
  • Push the leg down to cause the elastic pop - think "GLUTE"

Rotational Skipping
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Train dynamic spatial awareness, body movement and foot usage

  • Skip through a 360° rotation - no spinning
  • Skip in every quarter (every 90°)
  • Arms - still until comfortable, then normal arm movement
  • Learn to rotate in one direction until comfortable
  • Then learn to rotate in less comfortable direction
  • Learn to rotate in alternating directions

Max Hang Time Skipping
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Functional power development, coordination and timing

  • Build height of skip very gradually
  • Achieve height through timing and coordination (not brute force)
  • Stay tall, use arms to maximize hang time

Backward Skipping
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Coordination and counter drill (unwind from skipping forward)

  • Stay tall, chop the foot down
  • Keep the arms going
  • Keep the leg recovery quick

Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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