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Track Workout - Chi Running Strength Exercises

Objective: These running strength exercises are favorites of Danny Dreyer of Chi Running.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.



  • Begin seated on floor, legs extended, feet dorsiflexed, hands at sides.
  • Raise hips to table position, hold for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times, resting 10 seconds between repetitions.
  • When this can be done easily, keep one leg extended, alternating legs so that you do 5 reps with each.
Leg Lift
  • Begin lying flat on back, arms at sides.
  • Raise head and tuck chin toward chest to flatten lower back.
  • With feet dorsiflexed, raise both legs to 90° and hold 10 seconds.
  • Lower legs, lower head, rest 10 seconds, repeat 10 times.
Butt Walk

  • Begin seated on floor, legs extended, feet dorsiflexed, arms folded.
  • Rotating your pelvis and leaving legs and feet flat on the ground, "walk" forward about 20 "paces" on your butt.
  • Walk backwards to return to your starting position.
Single Leg Squat
(no video)
  • Stand with one leg supported by a chair or stability ball behind you
  • Align your core and position your stance leg and foot in the single-leg running pose position
  • Perform a one-leg squat by lowering your trunk - without extending your knee over your foot - your supported leg will need to slide backward across the chair (or roll back with the stability ball)
  • Perform 10 repetitions with each leg
Chair/Ball Exercise
  • Same starting position as single-leg squat, but now the focus is on extending the rear leg backward
  • Align your core and position your stance leg and foot as above.
  • Lean forward in the single-leg balance position, engaging your abs and sliding your trailing leg back, rotating the pelvis but keeping it level (this is a relatively small dynamic stretching move)
  • Perform 10 repetitions with each leg
Table Exercise
  • This is basically a leaning plank exercise
  • Begin standing with good posture, about 1 foot-length away from the table or counter against which you will lean
  • Lean forward and maintain posture for 60 seconds
Perform the track workout main set.

Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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