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Track Workout - Plyometrics

Objective: Plyometrics build functional strength and train you to take advantage of muscle elasticity.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up. Do NOT skip warming up before plyometrics.

Main Set

For a stand-alone plyometrics workout, follow the instructions below. You can use any combination of these exercises before a running main set - depending on the main set you may not want do do more than about 10 minutes of plyometrics. If you are unfamiliar with these drills, you may be able to find videos on YouTube - these are from the P90X program.

ExerciseNotes - 30 seconds each unless noted
Jump Squat
  • Feet parallel and shoulder-width apart.
  • Ease (four count) to a deep squat, arms in front for balance.
  • Quickly explode up.
  • Land gently.
4-Squat Switch
  • Start in run stance - one leg forward.
  • Toe of front foot should be aligned with heel of rear foot.
  • Perform 4 squats in this position.
  • On the fourth squat, leap and twist to run stance on other side.
  • Standing in front of an imaginary chair
  • Swing one leg up and over the chair, followed by the other.
  • Repeat immediately, "bouncing" the second leg right back.
  • Bend knees at first - keep leg straight as it becomes comfortable.
Repeat the above three exercises
Jump Squat Reach
  • As above, but reach the arms high.
Squat Switch
  • As above, but switch stance after every squat.
Circle Run
2 X 30 seconds
  • Put your hat or some small object on the ground.
  • Facing the same direction the whole time, run small circles.
  • Run counterclockwise the first time, clockwise second.
Repeat the above three exercises
Leapfrog Squat
  • With legs wide, drop into a low squat.
  • Leap forward 4 times, then backward 4 times.
  • Land gently.
Lateral Leapfrog Squat
  • With legs wide, drop into a low squat.
  • Leap to one side 4 times, then back to the other side 4 times.
  • Land gently.
Hot Foot
30 + 30 Seconds
  • Small hops.
  • Hop left, hop right, hop forward, hop back.
  • Switch legs after 30 seconds
  • Land gently.
Repeat the above three exercises

Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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