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Track Workout - Basic Plyometric Drills

Objective: Plyometrics like hopping and bounding are great functional strength builders for runners.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

Alternate: drill about 5 minutes, run 400m moderate pace with drill focus.

Hopping and Bounding Cautions

  • Beginners: Limit the number and size of the hops and bounds.
  • Everyone: Build the number and size very gradually.
4 x 10 yds
15 secs rest

Hopping Technique

  • Focus on loading and firing the springs in your legs. Hopping is about pushing down on the ground and rebounding off of it; it is not about just lifting the leg.
  • Perform short, low hops.
  • Forceful but quiet impact (absorb impact with your spring)
  • Keep your hips level and stable - you are working the springs in your legs, not trying to drive your legs out of your hip sockets.
  • Use your upper body and arms. Swing the arm of the hopping leg back as you load that leg.
4 x 10 yds
15 secs rest

Bounding Technique

  • Start with a slow and easy jog
  • Graduallly extend stride height
  • Try to get maximum air time - use arms to help
  • Stay erect with a full body forward lean

Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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