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Track Workout - Fartlek 1/1 Main Set

Objective: Fartlek means speed play in Swedish. You can think of fartlek training as interval training by time instead of by distance. In this workout you will run one minute harder - faster than race pace - followed by one minute easy - easier than race pace. If you have no races on the horizon, use your 10K pace. Try to do all of the harder intervals at the same pace, and all of your slower intervals at a consistent pace. This workout builds endurance, trains active recovery, and builds mental toughness.

For newer runners:

  • Do not start too hard.
  • The easy interval is still running or jogging; no stopping or walking allowed!
Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up plus any additional drills or exercises for the day.

Main Set

15 x (1:00 harder, 1:00 easier)

Cool Down10 minutes - jog or walk 400 to 800, stretch for the remaining time

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