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Track Workout - Dynamic Hip Drills

Objective: Increase hip mobility and maximize leg muscle activation.



Knee Hugs

Back straight, head up, shoulders back and down
Down leg: roll from heel onto ball of foot
Up leg: dorsiflex ankle
Grab knee and pull to chest
About 10 yards, turn and return performing same drill

Elbow Snaps

Like above with fingers locked behind head

Hand Kicks

As above, arms extended forward at shoulder height (kick hand on same side)

Knee to ShoulderHands together straight down in front, knee to shoulder
Pony or Leg ScissorsNo heel roll on this - stiff legs, use arm swing
Leg Swings (3)Always with support, first two on balls of feet with forward lean, good posture with shoulders back and down; do not lock out the knee
1. On ball of down foot, bent knee, dorsiflexd ankle, focus on the swing in the hip socket
2. Crossover with front support, pivot on down foot while still on ball of foot
3. Punt - swing leg on support side forward, swing opposite arm and touch hand to foot

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