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Track Workout - Bobby McGee's 3 Key Drills

Objective: Coach Bobby McGee uses these three drills at virtually all running (not just track) workouts.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

For a stand-alone running drill workout, perform each drill forl about 5 minutes, and then run 400m at a moderate pace with the drill focus.

These are Bobby McGee's favorite drills. On his Running DVD they are the "3 Key Drills."

4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Train foot loading mechanics for midfoot strike

  • Fold foot down onto surface from toe to heel, with heel just barely touching before bouncing off
  • Push from glutes, high cadence, minimal stride length
  • Relaxed upper body (but good posture), compact arm swings
Ankle Springs
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Train elastic loading of lower leg

  • Hold & lock foot in neutral position
  • Keep knees partially extended
  • Maintain forward lean & compact arm swing

High Knees
4 x 40 yds
15 secs rest

Train high knees via extension & unloading, in three stages:

  1. High knees supported by partner
  2. High knees supported, partner steps away
  3. Unsupported high knees


Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remainder of 15 minutes

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