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Track Workout - Alternating 800 & 400 Intervals

Objective: In this workout the longer intervals (800s) are done at a slightly higher intensity level than your goal race pace, and the shorter intervals (400s) are done significantly faster than your goal race pace. Mixing longer and shorter intervals helps train up your threshold pace. You should do 4-6 sets of long-short intervals for this type of workout - in this case 5 sets for a total of 6K.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up plus any additional drills or exercises for the day.

Main Set

All intervals to be done hard (90% effort for the interval distance)

Repeat 4-6 times (total 4.8-7.2K)


  • 800 with 2 minutes rest
  • 400 with 1:30 rest
Cool Down10 minutes - walk 400 to 600, stretch for the remaining time

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