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Track Workout - 200s or 100s

Objective: Build endurance short, quality sprints.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

Build muscle endurance by running repeats of 100 or 200 meters at a much faster pace than you would run for a longer distance. How fast? Start each repeat moderately fast and build speed until you feel that you are going as fast as you can without losing control of good running technique. If you feel out of control or out of breath, or if you experience any sharp pain, ease off a bit until you are a bit more comfortable. In all of our track workouts you should be practicing quality movement at faster-than-normal running speeds - with the emphasis on quality movement. You should never be practicing bad form, but you should be learning to recognize when your form starts to fail, and what to do when that happens.


Experienced Runners
Repeat 8-10 times

  • 200 fast
  • 100 walk - do not stop moving
  • 100 easy jog to the starting line

Newer or Untrained Runners
Repeat 10-12 times

  • 100 fast
  • 100 walk or jog back to the starting line
Cool Down15 minutes - walk 400, stretch for remaining time

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