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Breakwater Freestyle 1
Step 7: Balance Shifting & Timing

On the Deck

Review: swimming posture (butt, belly, neck, chin), standing setup, standing catch & pull, standing backstroke

In the Pool

Review: Fingertip drag, backstroke, 4-Back/3-Free

Balance Shifting Drills:

  • 6-1-6 Broken Arrow Drill: Recover your arm by straight up in the air - fingers pointing to the ceiling - hold it there for a count of two, then "break" your elbow and spear your hand forward into the water, straight ahead, in front of your shoulder. When your arm is in the air, do not let it go behind your back - keep it above your side or to the front of your body. Again, breathe after the stroke (not before). Having your hand drop from this height as it moves forward accentuates the balance shift.
  • Windmill Recovery: use a straight-arm, windmill recovery to help you experience the balance shift.
  • Freestyle

Video Review: Each person will be filmed approaching the wall doing freestyle, and then performing an open turn.

More Information

If you are having trouble with open turns, have a look at the Open Turn Learning Sequence (it is very long and detailed).

How to practice? See the Sample Practice Session Following Lesson 7.

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