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Breakwater Freestyle 1 - Lesson 7
Sample Practice Session

At home: Daily, about six minutes. See Dry Kicking for Freestyle & Backstroke.

At the pool: Be patient and work slowly and mindfully. Do not practice struggle.

  • Relax on the bottom for a minute or two to get your body and your mind into the water. See the bottom dwelling exercises page.
  • Front Floating Practice: About three minutes. Start in the "I" position, then practice the "Y" and "X" positions. See the top floating exercises page.
  • Perform the following drill sequence, four lengths of the pool each drill:
    • Back Balance Drill (arms at sides)
    • Back-Front-Back Balance Drill
    • Extended Back-Side-Back Drill (one arm extended, other at side)
    • Extended Side Balance Drill (with swimming breathing)
    • Sharkfin Drill
    • Kickboard Single Arm Drill
  • Perform the following drill sequence, four-to-six lengths each, repeating the entire set as time allows. Stop at every wall, and begin each length streamlining from the wall. For each drill, focus first on performing a smooth setup, then on coordinating the catch with the balance shift.
    • 6-1-6 Broken Arrow Drill
    • 6-1-6 Fingertip Drag Drill
    • 9-3-9 Fingertip Drag Drill
    • Fingertip Drag Drill (continuous 50, with open turns)
    • Underwater Recovery Freestyle Drill

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