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Objective video session
Date 2010-mm-dd
Location xxx
Video xxx
Comments xxx.
Next Session xxx
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Stroke Assessment

Endurance Freestyle (1=beginner, 2=needs attention, 3=fair, 4=strong, 5=excellent)
Skill Rating Observations and Recommendations
Posture 0 xxx
Breathing 0 xxx
Rotation 0 xxx
Arms 0 Extension: xxx
Catch: xxx
Recovery: xxx
Kick 0 2-Beat: xxx
6-Beat: xxx
Starts na not applicable
Walls na not evaluated
Other na not applicable
Score x/y xxx

Action Plan


Sample Workout

Warm Up
400 yds
8x50 Freestyle
Main Sets
1200 yds
blah blah blah
Cool Down
400 yds
1x400 Freestyle

Additional Notes


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