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Kicking Focus 2

More kicking work - the objective this week is to connect the kick to the pull.

Technique Focus Points

  • Kick from the hips.
  • Kick compactly, in the shadow of your body.
  • Minimize knee bend.
  • Point your toes back, but keep your foot relaxed.
  • Rotational kick with lower leg as recovering arm enters the water.
  • Rotational kick with lower leg as lower arm transitions from catch to pull.

What to Watch For

  • Not kicking. Don't stop kicking. Even with a wetsuit. For longer distances you can use a relaxed two-beat kick or a compact four- or six-beat kick.
  • Slipping. When you attempt a rotational kick with the wrong (upper leg, for freestyle), your hip is already at the surface and has no place to go. You will feel like you slipped.

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