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Breakwater Freestyle 1 - Lesson 3
Sample Practice Session

At home: Daily, about six minutes. See Dry Kicking for Freestyle & Backstroke.

At the pool: Be patient and work slowly and mindfully. Do not practice struggle.When drilling, focus on just one thing at a time. For the following drills, cycle through the following focus points:

  • Perfect posture the entire length (butt, belly, neck, chin)
  • Extended arm palm down and arm extended at shoulder depth
  • Upper arm and body relaxed
  • Eyes looking straight down
  • Rolling as little of the face to the air as possible
  • Inhaling quickly and deeply

Drills: Perform each for about 5 minutes, repeating the cycle as time allows. Perform all of these drills using swimming breathing

  • 11 Breathing Drill
  • Extended Side Balance Drill(with swimming breathing
  • Sharkfin Drill with swimming breathing
  • 6-1-6 Drill

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