Writing Samples and Resume for Bill Steele

This page contains links to various writing samples, and a current resume in PDF and Word format. Click any link in the first column to open the document in a separate window.



Online Help

Online help for Guardium version 7.0. This is a context-sensitive WebHelp system developed using RoboHelp. You will see the help as it would appear when the user clicks the Help button on the outermost panel of the Web portal. All topics can be accessed from the Contents or Search panels. You may need to enable scripts on your browser to use the Search function. Note: This help system works with Safari and Internet Explorer, but may not work correctly with other browsers.

Training Module (.ppt)

Guardium version 7.0 Training Module 2 - Custom Reporting. This is one of 14 PowerPoint presentations used during the basic two-day training program for customers and new hires.

Administrator Guide (.pdf)

Guardium version 6.1 Administrator Guide. This document was created using Word and Acrobat.


Word (.docx) and PDF versions of resume (July 25, 2012).

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