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Trunk Stability Push-Up Corrective Exercises

The trunk stability push-up movement pattern requires reflex stabilization of the trunk as force is applied by the arms. This is important for all swimming strokes, especially butterfly and breaststroke. If the trunk is not stabilized when force is applied, energy will be dissipated in the core.

In addition to the trunk stability push-up movement pattern, this test includes a separate pass (-) or fail (+) test for spinal extension pain. If you fail this test (score of +), do not perform any of the corrective exercises until the pain issue has been evaluated by a medical professional and that pain is gone.

For information about scoring, see About the Functional Movement Screen.
For general information about the exercise progressions, see FMS Corrective Exercises.

Foam Roller exercisesAlways begin each session with the foam roller exercises
Push-Up Walkout2 x 10. Walk the hands out and back (do not move the feet). When 10 reps are comfortable, each time you walk out to the plank position, walk your hands 5 "steps" to one side and then back to the center, alternating sides.
Push-Up on Bench2 x 10. Alternatively, do this at the bottom of a staircase, progressing to lower stairs as you become stronger.

Standard Push-Up (no video)

2 x 10. Your basic push-up. Try different hand positions for variety.
Push-Up on Stability Ball

2 x 10. This video shows one leg on the ball - which is the last step in the stabiity ball push-up progression. Master these steps in order:

  • Plank position with knees on the stability ball, hands on the floor.
  • Both feet on the stability ball.
  • One foot on the stability ball.

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