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Shoulder Mobility Reaching Corrective Exercises

The shoulder mobility reaching movement pattern demonstrates whether or not you can easily move each arm through its maximal range of motion. It tests shoulder mobility, shoulder blade stability, and thoracic spine mobility and dynamic stability. If you cannot score perfectly (3) on this, running and swimming movements will be adversely affected.

In addition to the reaching movement pattern, this test includes a separate pass (-) or fail (+) test for shoulder impingement pain. If you fail the impingement test, do not perform any of the corrective exercises until the pain issue has been evaluated by a medical professional and that pain is gone.

For information about scoring, see About the Functional Movement Screen.
For general information about the exercise progressions, see FMS Corrective Exercises.

Foam Roller exercisesAlways begin each session with the foam roller exercises
Wall Sit with Dorsiflexion Bilateral1 x 10 each arm, or 1 x 20 both arms together.
90-90 Stretch1 x 10 each arm. This opens the chest to get the shoulder girdle positioned.
Trunk Rotation1 x 10 each direction (note palm position and scapula position).

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