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In-Line Lunge Corrective Exercises

The in-line lunge movement pattern tests your ability to perform basic deceleration and direction changes while running. Triathlon training often ignores these types of movements, resulting in weaknesses that can lead to injury. You should be able to perform this movement perfectly for all sports.

For information about scoring, see About the Functional Movement Screen.
For general information about the exercise progressions, see FMS Corrective Exercises.

Foam Roller exercisesAlways begin each session with the foam roller exercises
Hip Flexor Stretch from Half Kneeling with Dowel1 x 10 each leg.
Hip Flexor with Rotation from Half Kneeling with Dowel1 x 10 each leg.
Leg Lock Bridge1 x 12 each leg.

Chop from Half Kneeling with Cable Bar

1 x 15 each side.

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