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Active Straight Leg Raise Corrective Exercises

The active straight leg raise movement pattern requires continuous core stability, active mobility of the flexed hip, active flexibility of the hamstring and soleus of the leg being raised, and active extension of the other leg. Any deficiency here will negatively impact your running, and may cause cycling problems as well.

For information about scoring, see About the Functional Movement Screen.
For general information about the exercise progressions, see FMS Corrective Exercises.

Foam Roller exercisesAlways begin each session with the foam roller exercises
Single Leg Lowering One1 x 15 each leg.
Inverted Hamstring Stretch1 x 12 each leg. First exercise on the page linked to the left. Master this first.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

1 x 12 each leg. Second exercise on the page linked to the left.

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