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Freestyle from the Core: Special Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime program at the Lawrence YMCA only, beginning February 1, 2007. (The program starts on a Thursday.) This program was developed by Coach Bill and Sharon Johnson. Sharon is a certified Pilates Instructor and an elite triathlete, who as a member of Team USA has competed in Triathlon at the world championship level.

Each Thursday there will be an intense instructional session led by both coaches. There will be general instruction and practice for all students, and you will cycle through multiple stations in small groups. For example, Coach Sharon might be working with one or two athletes on core strengthening exercises on the deck, while Coach Bill is taking underwater video in one lane, and the remaining students practice new drills in another lane using parachutes and stretch chords. You will be given handouts describing all drills and exercises.

Each Tuesday there will be an optional practice and review session led by Coach Sharon.

Program Details: Six one-hour sessions. Noon to 1 PM. Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning February 1st (a Thursday). Max eight students.

Cost: $115 for TriFury Triathlon Club members or Merrimack Valley YMCA members, $125 for all others.

To Sign Up: Call the front desk of the Lawrence Branch of the Merrimack Valley YMCA: 978-686-6191.

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