Cutting Edge Fitness - Trainer Tutorial


BackCRcompound row machine
Pdpull down machine
Pullat pullover machine
PUpull up machine
LBlow back machine
Shrugsback/shoulder dumbbell shrugs
Bent Row one-arm bent over row
ChestIPincline press machine
CPchest press machine
CFchest fly machine
Db pressdumbbell press
ShoulderMILmilitary press machine
SLRshoulder lateral raise machine
RDrear deltoid machine
Db FR/SLRdumbbell front, shoulder lateral raise
ArmsTropetriceps rope (on Pd machine)
Kick backsone-arm triceps kickback
Dipstriceps dips (on PU machine)
Bicbiceps machine
Curlsbiceps dumbbell curls
21s7 x (quarter, half, full) curls
Abs/CoreAbsabdominal machine
Ball/ball twist ball crunches
Crunchmat crunches with legs in/out
Full sit-up 
hang abs hanging ab straps (PU machine)
LegsLpleg press machine
Leleg extension machine
hchamstring curl machine
Abdabductor machine
Addadductor machine
Wall-sit90-degree angle on wall
Lungesoptionally with dumbbell around room
PSpole squat
Deaddead lift
Calvesheel raises on leg press machine

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