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Abdominal Machine (ABS)

Introduction for new clients: The Abdominal machine works the muscles that flex your torso forward from your hips. Abdominal strength is essential for good posture, balance and breathing. These muscles are usually referred to simply as the abs.

Targets Rectus Abdominis, Internal and External Obliques, Transversus Abdominis


  1. Set the weight pin.
  2. Set the seat position and then seat the client:
  3. Tell the client to hang their feet over the front of the foot pads (not behind them). The feet do not have to make contact with the floor.
  4. Tell the client to

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Machine Use and Cues

  1. For newer clients review the movement pattern: Take hold of the handles, resting the elbows on the elbow pads so that pressure can be applied to to both the elbow pads and the handles. Keep your head stable or tilted slightly toward the chest - do not move it during the exercise. Lock your upper body to the weight arm using your hands and elbows, but do not pull on your hands. Crunch forward using your abs and avoid pulling on the handles. Toward the end of the crunch, the elbow pads will rotate back and away from your elbows, and the back pad will slide down slightly on your back- continue to crunch with your abs and try not to pull on the handles. Beginning with the third rep, try to hit the bumper at the bottom and squeeze for a couple of seconds before beginning to lower the weight.
  2. Stand to the right side of the machine, where you can see both the client's full range of movement and the weight stack.
  3. Count down and begin.
  4. Cues:
  5. When the client can no longer move the weight smoothly, optionally provide resistance:
  6. On the workout log, note the total time, any weight adjustments for the next use of the machine, and any other significant points or observations.

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