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Note: When enrolling, carefully note the
program dates - all
programs include six sessions, but often do
not run for six consecutive
weeks due to swim
meets and other scheduling issues at the
host pools.

Breakwater Freestyle I: This class is for newer swimmers and triathletes. It will teach you to be at home in the water, and to begin swimming efficiently. You will learn to swim with good posture, balance and timing. Without these essential skills, swimming will remain a struggle. Efficient freestyle swimming can best be learned by mastering a progression of drills that teach the fundamentals of good form, one step at a time.

OK. So you've got the balance and posture. You are relaxed in the water and can swim effortlessly, back and forth across the pool, or back and forth across the bay, all day long... But you're not very fast. Now what? Read on.

Breakwater Freestyle II: This class is for comfortable-in-the-water, experienced swimmers. The goal is to learn to swim faster, while still maintaining good form. You will learn the freestyle drills and focus points used by expert swimmers like Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, Erik Vendt, and Roland Schoeman. To get your kick working for you (instead of maybe against you!), you will learn the two-beat and six-beat kicks that are used by virtually all successful freestyle swimmers. Connecting your kick to your core and your upper-body stroke is one of the last milestones on the road to freestyle mastery.

Both Breakwater Freestyle Programs: Six 90-minute lessons, maximum of ten swimmers, underwater and/or above water video analysis is part of every lesson.

For a description of the drills and workout plans for each program, see the Program Handouts page.

Cost: $300

See the Program Schedule page.

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